Embedding Trust Into Connected Devices

ANGOKA is an IoT Security Company that protects connected device communication for Smart Cities and Smart Mobility. Our hardware based solution represents a complete paradigm shift in traditional approaches to cybersecurity…

ANGOKA Secures Devices, not Networks.

Through our unique and patented technology, we provide tamper-proof identities for devices, thereby creating trust in untrusted networks. 

our technology

Smart Cities

Our way of life is increasingly becoming digitalised, from Smart Grids to the myriad of IoT devices available on the market to Critical National Infrastructure. Soon, cities will be able to capitalise on the promise of Smart technology to become better, more efficient and ultimately more liveable.

That’s why the first step in building the Smart Cities of the future must be ensuring a high level of cybersecurity, starting from the design phase. ANGOKA’s security solution provides the highest level of security for Smart City technology, providing the last line of defence for all key communications.

Smart Mobility

Mobility is being redefined by interconnection and increasing autonomy. Most cars are already connected to other devices, and in the future autonomous vehicles will change the way we travel, procure goods and live. Connected and autonomous vehicles – including automotives, busses, trains, pods and drones – are the way of the future.

However, the future of transport is dependent on securing machine-to-machine communications. Connected mobility is inherently insecure, creating real cybersecurity threats with severe safety implications. That’s why ANGOKA is working to secure the future of Smart Mobility.

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