Don’t discount the coffee machine on your network – it may be a serious vulnerability

October 8, 2020

In the push for Smart technology, organisations are starting to find that seemingly random devices are popping up on their enterprise networks. While these may seem innocuous additions, they can present serious cybersecurity vulnerabilities, another easily-hacked entry point into your organisation’s network.

These new entry points include Smart Home devices such as Smart Doorbells, Kettles and Fridges, and wearables such as fitness trackers and watches. Devices such as these may not have robust cybersecurity defences, and even one minor device hack can open up the entire network. As such, attacks on IoT devices are not only common, but are increasing in number. Even worse still, these devices can then be leveraged to actively attack the network, creating an army of already-connected bots.

Use of IoT devices in business and personal life is only growing, and has great potential to revolutionise and optimise everyday processes. However, without proper security measures, organisations can easily fall victim to preventable cyberattacks.

Luckily, there are several measures your organisation can take to protect your network and your business.

Understand your organisation’s expanded attack surface. Mapping out the devices connected to the company network is a strong first step that will allow your organisation to highlight any potentially vulnerable entry points.

Monitor your cybersecurity posture as often as possible. Install real-time monitoring into your systems and processes. Implementing a zero-trust model can be particularly helpful in this regard, allowing your organisation to authenticate access every time and providing a log of entry points and log-ins.

Ensure a high level of cybersecurity by protecting the communications within your network. Secure the communication between devices to stop cyberattacks effectively and efficiently.

As business and personal life continue to be shaped by emerging technologies, vulnerabilities will proliferate – and their knock-on effects can be extensive. Take the time to ensure that your cybersecurity posture remains as strong as it can be for ultimate business continuity and assurance.

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