Industrial systems


Smart Factories

Equipped with robotics and other Smart systems, Smart Factories utilise a variety of machinery components that need to communicate with each other to successfully manufacture a product. Without measures in place, such as Angoka’s security solutions, interruptions in communication, such as those due to a cyberattack, could potentially shut down the entire manufacturing line.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 encapsulates the monumental changes happening across industries now, marked predominantly by increasing digitalisation and connectivity to other devices, machines and people. Secure communication, ensured by Angoka’s secure protocol, is necessary to protect the sensitive data that is often transmitted within these networks.


Critical National Infrastructure

Sectors such as energy, water, health services, government and other crucial services fall under the category of Critical National Infrastructure – systems that are crucial to keeping the country running safely and securely. As they continue to digitise their services, Angoka can provide secure communications solutions to prevent any attack on their systems.

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