Aerospace & Defence


Drones and Swarms

Drones and swarms depend on machine-to-machine communication – if this is lost, the devices are effectively lost. This is critical in a variety of situations, and cyber attacks pose a serious risk with severe consequences. Using Angoka’s protocols ensures the accuracy and security of the communications between devices.


Ground/Drone to Satellite

Similarly, communications to a satellite, whether from the ground or from a drone, are crucial in establishing location, executing missions and other key duties. The attack surface here is vast, and there are multiple points which could be exposed and exploited. Angoka’s protocols protects communications at all points, encrypting the messages and ensuring their accuracy.


Air/Ground/Sea Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned vehicles rely on a network of communication to accurately assess necessary information, topographical features and targets. Whatever the mission, Angoka’s communications protocols critically ensures that the information that is passed between the vehicle and the operator is secure and accurate.

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