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ANGOKA was founded in 2019 by four serial entrepreneurs, with the mission to protect the future of Smart Mobility and Smart Cities. Originally spun out of an R&D project conducted by CyNation involving cryptographic protocols for connected and autonomous vehicles, ANGOKA is a flourishing company with very exciting prospects.

In the two years since founding, our team has grown exponentially, and is continuing to grow. Additionally, we have expanded internationally, with our headquarters in Belfast, and offices in London and The Hague.

We have participated in several prestigious programmes, including NCSC’s Cyber Accelerator (making us the first NI start-up to be selected), Seraphim Space Camp, Yes!Delft and TechNation Cyber 2.0. Most recently, we were selected for Zenzic’s Connected and Autonomous Mobility Scale-Up Programme, delivered in partnership with Plug and Play.

Staying true to our R&D roots, we have also been awarded funding several Innovate UK-funded ventures, including projects securing quantum communications (led by BT) and two drone projects.

Our mission remains to secure machine-to-machine communications, protecting against the negative effects of the boom of IoT and Smart devices. ANGOKA’s solutions will be key to safeguarding critical communication integrity and data provenance, creating trusted connections, even in untrustworthy networks.


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