Iot & telecoms


Smart Home

Household devices, such as your refrigerator, energy meter or boiler are all becoming smart – or, rather, now being built to collect certain data points, communicating them with other devices to make your life easier. A large amount of personal data is stored and conveyed, so using Angoka’s secure communication solutions ensures protection from cyber attacks and other network disruptions.


Smart Cities

Cities around the world are implementing various technologies to keep their cities running efficiently and beautifully. Devices to collect data on traffic, for example, can be used to recalibrate traffic lights or alert the city when roads might need replacing. Therefore, using Angoka’s communications protocol ensures that the network where devices communicate with each other and to the city are secure and accurate.


Medical Devices

Medical devices are also experiencing increased digitisation, communicating key data within a larger network to monitor their users’ vital statistics and alert them to potentially dangerous changes. The data that is transmitted is personal, sensitive and decisive – therefore, a hack or interruption in communication is at best extremely revealing and at worst deadly. Angoka’s secure communications protocol serves as a last line of defence, protecting against would-be cyber attackers.

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