ANGOKA participating in several upcoming events

October 16, 2020

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions, the team at ANGOKA has kept busy, participating in online programmes and events, and continuing to create innovative solutions. With several events coming up next week, read on to see where you can hear us, see us or talk to us!

22 October. Our CTO, Shadi A. Razak, will be speaking on a panel at the Industrial IoT World Day, discussing Zero-Trust Security Frameworks for IoT. Get your tickets here.

26 October. ANGOKA will have two alumni representatives at the Royal Holloway Virtual Career Fair, Shadi A. Razak and Rujuta Joshi, both members of the Alumni Information Security Group.

30 October. As a subject-matter expert, our CTO Shadi A. Razak will deliver a lecture at the University of Oxford on Security for Industrial Systems.

We look forward to continuing our busy schedule until the end of the year, and hope to see some of you at these events! For more information about what we’re doing and how to get involved, contact us here.

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