ANGOKA selected for innovative, BT-led autonomous drone project

December 15, 2020

Project XCelerate brings together several high-tech companies to advance drone capabilities

BELFAST, UK. ANGOKA Ltd, a Belfast-based cybersecurity start-up, has been selected to participate in a BT-led consortium of tech companies seeking to accelerate the adoption of autonomous drones. The team at ANGOKA are pleased to be joining BT, Altitude Angel, Dronestream, Dronecloud Skyports, Herotech8 and SkyBound Rescuer in this landmark endeavour, supported by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

Project XCelerate has brought together these companies to prove the usability and safety of drone usage Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) across several use cases, including emergency services and medical deliveries. Drones that are utilised to provide these services – as well as any other commercial drone – will need to be integrated into airspace safely and in cooperation with other aviation. Therefore, the project will seek to create a framework that can be used for unmanned traffic management systems, enabling safe BVLOS operations.

Testing and development will include work on an 8-kilometre commercial drone corridor in Reading, proving the viability and safety of drone usage across industries and use cases.

ANGOKA are pleased to be lending their expertise to another drone and autonomous mobility project, building upon ANGOKA’s authentication-focused drone project, which is also currently underway. The team at ANGOKA are committed to designing and developing innovative solutions which expand the use of drones and other autonomous vehicles safely, transforming the world of tomorrow.

About Angoka: ANGOKA Ltd is an IoT security start-up, headquartered in Belfast and with an office in London. Angoka has patented technology for securing connected devices, providing embedded security solutions to protect a device’s identity and safeguard the integrity off machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and data provenance. Our solutions can be used across Smart Cities, Mobility and Trasport.

Contact Information: Daniela Menzky | | +44 020 3190 5000


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