Angoka selected for National Cyber Security Centre Cyber Accelerator

July 29, 2020

Innovative cyber security start-up joins accelerator run by the National Cyber Security Centre.

BELFAST, UK. Angoka Ltd, a Belfast-headquartered cyber security start-up, is pleased to announce their participation as one of 6 organisations in the prestigious National Cyber Security Centre Cyber Accelerator.

Chosen from a highly competitive field, Angoka’s solutions are a natural fit for the accelerator, focusing on securing machine-to-machine communications across a variety of industries. Angoka is also the first Northern Irish cybersecurity start-up to be accepted into the Cyber Accelerator.

The accelerator has recently begun and will run for 10 weeks in Cheltenham. The programme will supply both technical and commercial mentorship, providing key resources to scale the business and offering potential future partnerships opportunities with accelerator partners and sponsors.

We are also pleased to hear of Lindy Cameron’s recent appointment as CEO of NCSC. It is wonderful to see someone with a background in the Northern Ireland office to be selected for such a key position, affirming Northern Ireland’s place as a world cyber leader. It is also truly a centre of excellence of cybersecurity within the UK through the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), located at Queen’s University Belfast.

The Angoka team is excited to continue developing their innovative and world-beating cyber security solution, creating a new standard for trust in machine-to-machine communications.

About Angoka: ANGOKA Ltd is an IoT security start-up, headquartered in Belfast and an office in London. Angoka has patented technology for securing connected devices, providing embedded security solutions to protect a device’s identity and safeguard the integrity off machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and data provenance. Our solutions can be used for Smart Cities and Homes, Industry 4.0, Critical National Infrastructure, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and MedTech.

Contact: Daniela Menzky | | +44 020 3190 5000


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