Singapore expands IoT cyber-readiness labelling programme

February 5, 2021

Singapore has announced that it will expand its existing programme to clarify the cybersecurity posture of consumer Smart devices.

The initiative is the first of its kind in Asia, though other countries are following suit. The Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme was initially introduced to help consumers make educated decisions, denoting what level of cyber protection their Wi-Fi routers or Smart Home hubs had against a myriad of attacks.

Devices like these are incredibly common and represent an easy entry point for any would-be hackers. In the past few years, there have been several notable cyberattacks on IoT devices, including one widely publicised hack of thousands of baby monitors.

Launched back in October, the scheme’s scope is now being broadened to include connected cameras, as well as other common Smart Home devices, such as lights and locks.  At present, the programme is technically voluntary for manufacturers. However, a positive security rating could prove to be a key selling point, as consumers become more aware of the risks inherent in IoT and Smart devices.

The UK also has a similar programme, including a similar approach to labelling and other security requirements. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre, has also published best practices for IoT security.

Though mostly focused on consumer devices, this is an important step towards greater security across industries in the future. As IoT devices proliferate and become the backbone of Smart Cities, used for traffic lights, connected and autonomous vehicles, and other infrastructure, it is critical that manufacturers build in a minimum level of security.

IoT and Smart technology will soon reach every part of our life – it won’t be too long before consumers are checking the cybersecurity certification on purchases like cars. By expanding the programme, Singapore truly showing itself to be a leader in the Smart world of the future.

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