Smart Homes incredibly liable to cyberattacks

July 8, 2021

The Internet of Things is rapidly transforming all industries, from transportation to government to finance and business to mobile phones and devices. Nearly everything nowadays can be tracked and optimised, and as consumers buy more and more IoT devices, they are granted greater control over various aspects of their lives. But none of this optimisation comes without a cost.

Each IoT device represents a potential point of entry for any would-be cyber criminal. And they are taking advantage – a recent study by Which?, NCC Group and the Global Cyber Alliance found that a Smart Home set-up with various connected devices such as a Smart thermostat, television and security system could be fielding approximately 12,000 attempted cyber attacks per week.

These hacks can lead to these devices being used as bots for further hacking, or to malware or ransomware attacks. Or, in some cases, cyber criminals could simply steal personal identifiable data or even access livestreams from security cameras.  

Of course, not all of these attempts succeed. However, the volume of these attempted hacks does increase the likelihood that some could succeed, especially for homes that have several connected or Smart devices. Without proper cybersecurity measures, these devices and the larger networks they depend on are simply vulnerable.

Therefore, it is crucial that Smart device manufacturers implement strong cybersecurity, ensuring that the connection and communication between devices can’t be hacked, hijacked or otherwise tampered with. Some legislation has been introduced in the UK and other countries requiring manufacturers to pre-programme strong passwords to prevent hackers from gaining access. However, this is only one piece of the solution, as cybersecurity is multifaceted and new threats are constantly emerging.  That’s why ANGOKA’s solutions provide dynamic cybersecurity, looking at developing threats and keeping one eye to the future.

There’s no doubt that Smart Homes are the way forward for a number of reasons – never before have consumers had so much choice and control over the way that they live. And with strong cybersecurity in place there is a real future for IoT technology, allowing us to optimise our lives every day.

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