The future of Smart Cities relies on a secure network backbone

February 12, 2021

As devices proliferate, there is increasing concern over the cybersecurity capabilities of every single device. This is no minor issue, and as previously manual or basic mechanisms become digitised, consumers and manufacturers alike must consider what the implications of hyperconnection are.

However, it is equally important that a key element isn’t overlooked in the quest to protect individual devices against costly and potentially dangerous cyberattacks: the network itself.

Many metropolitan areas are now implementing 5G across cities, providing a next-gen backbone that will increase availability and reduce latency times. These updated capabilities will provide possibilities to IoT innovators like never before. But, just as the cybersecurity status of every device must now be examined, the network’s cybersecurity status is of utmost importance.

If a 5G network is hacked, an increase in latency could present issues across a myriad of industries, including in connected and autonomous vehicle or even medical use cases. There have already been documented vulnerabilities in connected traffic lights – it’s not difficult to imagine a situation where wrong traffic signals create a deadly accident.

Even if a cyberattacker isn’t intending to target a specific organisation, a hacker disrupting a 5G network will likely impact most sectors. And stopping an attack on the backbone of an entire network that serves a city or metropolitan area won’t be simple. Therefore, without a secure 5G backbone, Smart Cities, Smart Mobility and other IoT technology won’t be feasible.

That’s why ANGOKA is working with BT to provide quantum secure communications for 5G. Our technology not only secures individual IoT devices, but also the network itself, providing the last line of defence for all critical communications.

Smart Cities are improving our lives daily, even though the technology presents inherent vulnerabilities. However, with every exciting innovation, ANGOKA is working to protect the technology of the future.

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